Strategic Plan

Nuclear & Radiological Engineering (NRE) and Medical Physics (MP) are an integral part of the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Program Vision

We will be at the forefront of the nuclear and radiological engineering and medical physics education and research, with an internationally recognized faculty that leads in defining the future of these fields and in realizing that future by resolving current issues, and with high quality students rigorously educated both in the basics and the application of these fields who are sought by leading research institutions, industries, and universities in their field.

Grand Challenges
  • Provide Energy from Fusion
  • Prevent Nuclear Terrorism
  • Simulate Nuclear Systems
  • Close Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  • Advanced Nuclear Materials
 Grand Challenges
  • Safe and Precise Diagnostic Imaging
  • Radiation Therapy for Cancer
Current Issues
  • Nuclear Wastes
  • Continued Safety of Nuclear Facilities
  • Economics of Nuclear Power
  • Security and Safeguards of Nuclear Material
 Current Issues
  • Proton and Heavy Ion Therapy
  • Biologically Guided Radiation Therapy
  • New Imaging Modalities
  • Low Radiation Dose Imaging

Woodruff School Strategic Plan

The Woodruff School has conducted a strategic planning process to examine our strengths, consider the future needs of engineering education and research, and solidify us for a pre-eminent role as a national and international leader in mechanical engineering.

Strategic Objectives of the Woodruff School

  • ELST Initiative
    Lead an initiative for Engineering Life-Sustaining Transformations (ELST) as a campus-wide collaborative effort led by the Woodruff School, incubating and spawning scholarly communities and research teams composed of our faculty and students, as well as high profile visiting researchers and policymakers, to define and explore grand challenge problems through basic and applied research.
  • Renaissance in Engineering Education
    Develop pathways for a renaissance in engineering education by pioneering technology and concepts of mass customization, promoting self-paced discovery in flexible degree programs, and emphasizing ELST themes that address grand challenges in the curriculum, entrepreneurial experiences, and capstone design projects.

Read the Woodruff School strategic plan in its entirety.