Electronics Lab

The ME Electronics Lab provides electrical design and repair services for Woodruff School faculty, staff, and students. Our staff is able to design and build custom circuits for your application. Please inquire for further information. We also provide assistance and guidance for your projects. For repair service, our staff is able to resolve most problems right in your lab. Major repairs are made in our electronics lab (MRDC, Room 2317).

Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm


Here is a partial list of the services we provide for the faculty, staff, and students of the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. Parts for projects will require an appropriate account number for purchasing.

  • Transducer Amplifiers - We can create custom amplifiers for your specialized sensors and gauges.
  • Motor Driver - We can help spec out and assemble your motor control system. Standard motor drives can be designed and built in house.
  • Printed Circuit Board Design - We are able to create professional quality SMT, through-hole, and mixed technology PCB's. We can help if you need assistance anywhere in the process - from the conception stage to physical implementation of your design.
  • Printed Circuit Board Fabrication - We also have the capability to produce 2 layer circuit boards in house.
  • Research Prototypes - Projects requiring specialized circuits for research applications will be reviewed by our electrical engineers for a development timeline.
  • Funded-project research equipment may also be repaired.

Work is performed on a first-come, first-served basis, however, research projects with an appropriate account number have a higher priority.


Below is a sample of the types of projects the ME Electronics Lab can build to your specifications. Each of these projects were custom built to a professor's or student's specifications. Our staff will work with your requirements to develop the best solution for your needs based on your budget and time constraints. For more information regarding projects, please contact Vladimir Bortkevich or Kyle French.


     7-Channel Piezo Amplifier

  • This amplifier is one of many constructed by the ME Electronics Lab to drive piezo electric devices. The individual amplifiers each feature a 400 volt 250mA output at 1kHz. The signal being amplified can be supplied from a common function generator in your lab.

     Precision Motor Controller

  • This controller was designed to impose oscillatory compression on orthopedic soft tissues and tissue-engineered scaffolds. The system allows for closed-loop feedback to create oscillatory compression in the form of a sinusoid with peak-to-peak amplitudes on the order of 100 micrometers. The system is versatile in selection of type of input waveforms, amplitudes, and frequencies.

     8W Audio Amplifier

  • This amplifier was developed for the Mechanical Engineering Fluid Mechanics Group to be used to excite Piezoelectric buzzers used in wind tunnel experiment. The amplifier features a built in variable function generator, and can operate from DC-200kHz. In addition, the design features the use of negative feedback techniques for a low distortion, wide band output.

     4-Channel Strain Guage Amplifier

  • This amplifier was developed for GT Motorsports to measure and log forces seen in chassis and suspension members for future car designs and suspension tuning. The surface mount design was used to reduce noise, size, and weight for race application. It features differential inputs and single ended outputs as well as sensor supplies.

     DC Motor Controller Assembly

  • This assembly was constructed to consolidate and simplify a textile production process. It features M-Trim DC motor controllers with feedback linked together for automatic production line control. It also features manual control for testing and initial production line setup.


Our lab has a collection of catalogs containing almost everything you would need for your electronic project. Below we have listed the web pages of suppliers we continually use. If you need any help with selecting or finding components please feel free to contact us or stop by the lab.

  • Ack Electronics - A local parts supplier for when you need something in a pinch.
  • Allied Electronics - Online ordering for electronic parts, supplies, and tools.
  • Alltronics - A very cheap source for electronic products and power supplies.
  • Digikey - Online ordering of almost everything electronic. Great prices too.
  • Grainger - A local dealer specializing in commercial and industrial products.
  • Jameco Electronics - A very cheap source for electronic products and motors.
  • McMaster-Carr - A local hardware vendor for nearly every type of nut and screw imaginable.
  • Mouser - Online ordering of almost everything electronic. Great prices too.
  • Newark InOne - Online ordering of almost everything electronic. A little pricey, but has a selection of high quality components.

Student Employment

CO-OP Slots: Co-op students in the ME or EE programs will be considered for full time 40 hrs/wk employment. Co-op's will be provided the required guidance but are expected to carry projects from conception to the grave. Besides being the 'project manager', you will learn and be responsible for project definition, schematic generation, component specification, vendor selection, PCB layout, board assembly, debugging, installation, repair, and documentation to name a few. These slots are more demanding on both you and us, but if you have an interest in learning hands-on electronics and are capable of operating independently and responsibly, the educational experience can be tremendous. Mechanical aptitude is a must for these positions. A knowledge and use of common hand tools is required. A valid driver's license is also required. Taking classes is not permitted during work hours unless approval is granted by the electronics lab manager.

Wages vary according to current semester standings and are reviewed annually. Visit the CO-OP office for information and hiring status. Feel free to stop by between classes for a tour of the lab and a chat if you have more questions.

For more info, contact:

Vladimir Bortkevich
Electrical Engineer - III

Kyle French
Electrical Engineer - II

Georgia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
MRDC Rm. 2317
801 Ferst Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30332

Phone:  404.894.7671
Fax:      404.894.8336


Please observe the following policies:

  • Hours of Operation: 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
  • No Students or other Faculty/Staff are allowed in the lab without an Electronics Lab Staff member present.
  • Questions or requests must be related to funded research, thesis work, undergraduate research, sponsored by a Woodruff School Faculty member, or Woodruff School courses.
  • The Electronics Lab is not a supply store, but in some extenuating circumstances please ask a technician. See suppliers for common parts suppliers.
  • Mechanical equipment and tools are for Electronics Lab Staff use only. See the Machine Shop in MRDC 2327/2323 for access to do it yourself tools and equipment.
  • If a staff member allows you to use some of the equipment in the lab for some reason, you must sign a personal injury release before doing so.
  • Equipment must remain in the lab and cannot be checked out by students, except in special circumstances, please ask.
  • For available services see the display outside of the Electronics lab door.
  • For an involved project, request a meeting with Vladimir Bortkevich or Kyle French, 404.894.7671, to discuss your requirements.

Contact Us


Mechanical Engineering
MRDC Rm. 2317
801 Ferst Drive Atlanta, GA 30332

Hours:7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Mon. - Fri.


Vladimir Bortkevich
Electrical Engineer III

Vladimir is the supervisor of the Woodruff School Electronics Labs and designs, builds, tests, and repairs electronic circuits, systems, and equipment. In addition, he is responsible for project management, execution, and coordination, and advises and assists in student training and laboratory activities. His background includes both RF (gHz) and digital design.

Kyle French
Electrical Engineer II

Kyle works on the design and construction of electronics projects, provides guidance to students and faculty with electronics projects, and assists co-op student employees; Kyle also maintains and repairs electronic equipment. He has a background in robotics.