• PhD, Nuclear Engineering, University of Florida, 2007
  • M.S., Nuclear Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2000                                                                                                                 
  • B.S., Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, 1997


Dr. Ce Yi began at Tech in 2011. Prior, he was a research scientist at University of Florida.


Dr. Ce Yi has developed various codes and tools related to radiation transport simulation, including:

  • TITAN: a parallel radiation transport simulation code (
  • PENMSHXP: pre-processing, post-processing, and visualization of simulation results
  • XSMCNP: Conversion of deterministic multigroup cross section data to MCNP multigroup format
  • YGROUP: Cross section collapsing and generation, forward and adjoint detector response folding.

These codes and tools have been used in various applications in nuclear engineering and medical physics: power reactor simulations; CT-device simulations, nuclear material detection system design; neutron detector design and detector efficiency calculations; multigroup cross section generation; SPECT projection imaging simulations.

Member of American Nuclear Society

  • C. Yi, G.Sjoden, J. Mattingly and T. Courau, “Computationally Optimized Multi-group Cross Section Data Collapsing Using the YGROUP Code”, ANS PHYSOR Pittsburgh, PA (2010).
  • C. Yi and A. Haghighat, “A 3-D Block-oriented Hybrid Discrete Ordinates and Characteristics Method”, Nuclear Science and Engineering March 2010.
  • C. Yi and A. Haghighat, “Accuracy of TITAN Based on a New OECD-NEA Benchmark over a Range in Parameter Space”, Proc. Int. Conf. M&C ANS Saratoga Spring, NY (2009).
  • C. Yi and A. Haghighat, “Hybrid Sn and Ray Tracing with Fictitious Quadrature for Simulation of SPECT,” Proc. Int. Conf. M&C ANS Saratoga Spring, NY (2009).